Waranty & Safety
Basically, the installation of the Masters system does not differ from the installation of a metallic piping .

Masters can be installed without problem in any existing plant made of different material ,e.g. in case of repair or renovation works .

The customary calculation methods laid down by the standards are used for the design   of the plant .

All components normally available on the market , such as valves , taps ,fasteners, insulating materials , can be fitted as usual.

To prevent the forming of condensate ,the hot water lines shall be installated above the cold water lines.

Air locks in the piping are to be avoided.

The piping should be assembled starting from the lowest part of the plant and moving   towards the tapping point .

In the riser arrange for compensating devices on the top and drainage devices at the   bottom.

Large plants have to be divided into sections by means of insolating valves .

The rapid flushes have to be connected directly to the riser .

Warning Notes
Threaded joints
To ensure tightness, Teflon or similar products can be used though not in excessive quantities.
Conical threads are not suitable.
Exposure to UV- rays
The product should not be stored or installed in places where it is directly exposed to ultraviolet rays.
Transport and handling
The product should always be handled with care avoiding any impact , deformation or nick .
Law temperature
At temperature below 0 C following precautions have to be taken:
- pay attention when cutting the pipe,
- Avoid impacts and excessive strains as well as too many bends.

In case of air streams the welding has to be carried out in sheltered areas so as to prevent stresses in the weld joint.
Large bends can be obtained by cold forming. if the bend radius is shorter than 8 times the diameter of the pipe it is recommended to heat up the part concerned by means of a hot air blower the use of a flame is strictly forbidden .
Cutting should be carried out using tools which ensure a clean out without burrs and perpendicular to the axis.