Quality Standard
The masters system complies with the following standards and technical rules that are to be regarded as minimum requirements.

DIM  8077

Polypropylene pipes. Dimensions

DIN  8078

Polypropylene pipes type 3
Quality- tests requirements

DIN8  076

Metallic joints for PE pipelines, tests

DIN  16962

Joints and fittings for polypropylene pipes.

DIN 4109

Soundproofing in buildings
Soundproofing for water pipelines


Couplings and joints for pipes

DIN 16928

Pipelines in plastic materials
Joints , component parts, installation

DVS 2210/1

Plastic piping for industrial applications

DVS 2207

Welding of thermoplastic materials

DIN 1988 Teil 3

Technical rules for drinking water installations

W 328

Installation of pipelines for drinking water inside buildings.


Installation work for gas , water, drainage systems inside buildings.