Application Fields
Radiant heating system
Subject to a correct installation and taking into account all the required parameters including thermal expansion, it is possible to construct radiant heating systems consisting of masters items. The operating conditions can be obtained from the regression curves on page 15 of this handbook.
Floor heating
The considerable flexibility of PP-R associated with the possibility of embedding the pipeline in concrete under the floor, makes the system quite fit for floor heating systems.
Special application
The system is ideally suited for installation on board ships and boats and in caravans, Thanks to its resistance to salt water and its capacity to absorb vibrations.
Industrial applications
Masters system can be used for the transportation of air , gas as well as foodstuff in so far as the material resistance allows .
Hydro- sanitary systems
Masters has been designed for the construction of sanitary systems inside the buildings, in compliance with DIN 1988 and requirements of the German standard DVGW, in particular W 534 that prescribes the use of pipes fittings and joints of class PN25.